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Just got my sphynx kitten shipped to me. Thank you for assisting me through this whole process. Cudy is right here in my arms, he is looking so strong and full of energy. I am so happy to have this puppy. It has always been my wish to get a sphynx kitten and now that i spend all of my time at home doing nothing, I needed someone to keep me company, at first I Did not know how to get a sphynx kitten because I could not leave the house. But Camila Sphynx Cattery shipped the puppy right to my home address. All I did was pay for my puppy and sign to collect her when she arrived. Thanks a lot. God Bless You.

Kyle Tasha

“Just wanted to let you know that Charlie is a delight; we love him dearly and he has acclimated well. He’s learning all the basics and has had very few accidents in the house. He is sound asleep bene

Braxton Segal

We bought one sphynx kitten. We wanted a smart, snuggly, happy Kitten, and were not disappointed! We named him Ollie, and could not ask for a better Kitten. He is very smart and potty trained very easily with a bell at the door he rings to go out. We love Ollie so much! He instantly became an essential part of our family the moment he was shipped to us.

Danielle Symons

I really love how you guys handle your clients. You make sure you listen and understand the characteristics a client want in a kitten and make sure the client get the kind of puppy that matches that same description. You are so patient, super friendly and non pressuring to your client. Fell in love with one of your kittens puppy but my wife and I just had a baby girl lol, I cant take care of two babies. I would highly recommend you to anyone who’s looking for a sphynx kitten. Keep up the good work.

Weston Moore

“I want to share our really great experience. We were delighted to get all the accessories that came with our girl Lulu. While we were serious about her, every question we had was welcomed and answere

Sienna Campbell

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